It went GREAT and I want to say what a trustworthy company this is and the crew that works for George.  I didn't put up anything and just left the house completely open to them.  This company did a fabulous job with my house and when I came home 2 days later, the house was immaculate and it was a pleasant surprise! I would definitely hire George and his crew to do more work in my home if I needed it!  They absolutely did a beautiful job!  Not one little line out of place, nothing and I'm a bit OCD with things.  I looked for things and found nothing that I could remotely say a negative thing about. He made this house look colorful and nice - I would trust him with any paint job I had.  When I paint the exterior of this house - you can bet I'm going to use them again! Outstanding job - George and team blows my ex's socks off with the professionalism, work ethic and the mannerly way his crew works. KUDOS TO GEORGE AND TEAM!!!  It's well worth the money to have this type of experience!